Academy Members Only

List of Mediators/Arbitrators in Houston, Texas
Membership in the Academy is by invitation only. Membership is limited to established mediators and arbitrators, each of whom is confirmed to have met our nomination and experience requirements, and to have established a solid reputation in their respective field.

Formal Criteria:

2 Academy members are required to sponsor/second an attorney for consideration. 
Only attorneys in good standing with the Texas State Bar are considered eligible *
All Members are professional neutrals in civil/commercial mediation or arbitration practice for a minimum of 5 years, with a minimum of 33% of their professional efforts dedicated to civil/commercial ADR practice. All members must receive remuneration for ADR practice at least 90 days annually.
Members identified as MEDIATORS must have privately mediated a minimum of 200 civil disputes, excluding pro bono and family law cases.
Members identified as ARBITRATORS must have arbitrated to final award a minimum of 20 civil cases.  Exceptions may be made in the case of former judges, where time on the bench can be considered towards these totals.
6 attorney client references required on application (attorneys for whom neutral has mediated/arbitrated  civil-trial disputes in the preceding 30-60 days. Each will be contacted and questioned as to nominee's approach, effectiveness, professionalism and reputation.

Through this strict qualification process, we are pleased to recognize the following established ADR attorneys in the City of Houston


W. Jerry Hoover Houston ADR TEXAS
Nancy Huston Houston Attorney - Mediator
David G. Matthiesen Houston Attorney - Mediator
Susan G. Perin Houston Attorney - Mediator - Arbitrator
Jeffry S. Abrams Houston Attorney/Mediator
W. Robins Brice Houston Brice Mediation
David N. Calvillo Houston Chamberlain, Hrdlicka, White, Williams & Aughtry
Judge John T. Wooldridge HOUSTON Former District Judge - Mediator - Arbitrator
Michael S. Wilk Houston Hirsch & Westheimer
Lionel M. Schooler Houston Jackson Walker LLP
Gary McGowan Houston McGowan Arbitration and Dispute Resolution
Ronald Wardell Houston Ronald Wardell, P.C.
Louis P. Selig Houston Selig ADR
Susan S. Soussan Houston Susan. S. Soussan P.C.
Terry G. Fry Houston Terry G. Fry P.C.
Dion Ramos (Hon. Ret.) Houston The Ramos Law and Mediation Firm
Tommy Proctor Houston W. Thomas Proctor, PC
Alvin L. Zimmerman Houston Zimmerman, Axelrad, Meyer, Stern & Wise, P.C.



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